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  • Wed 12 April 2023
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We Are What We Repeatedly Do

A postmortem of my lenten discipline of doing something creative every day, and why I'm going to continue doing it.

  • Sun 10 July 2022
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Introducing The 2020s Humor Bot

Introducing the 2020s Humor Bot, a new project on the site. It's a twitter bot which uses the power of AI to create stupid distorted images.

  • Fri 09 April 2021
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Introducing EasyTweeter

Introducing EasyTweeter, a new project on the site. It's a small python library which makes writing simple twitter bots easier.

  • Thu 06 October 2016
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Why Have Your Own Site?

To open this blog up, I'll answer a basic question about the whole premise: in this day and age, when there are plenty of alternatives I could use, why would I have a website for myself, and why would I bother to put a blog on it?