Introducing The 2020s Humor Bot

Memes are weird these days. We're in a race to the bottom of meaninglessness, with many consciously making memes with zero attempt at sense. It would be weirder if I didn't think they were funny though. For instance, you're scrolling twitter, and you see this:

an image of a fat goose, labelled 'goots'

and you have to wonder what went wrong to make you laugh at that. It's no Amogus, but that meme did numbers, it's not just you!

That image is so stupid you could automatically generate stupid memes like it. Take the name of the thing in the image, make it stupid, and bulge the shit out of the image. Instant laughs. It would be a great bot!

An Ill-Advised Bot is Born

Unfortunately, I didn't leave it as a thought experiment.

Welcome another entry, and a new category to the projects page: the 2020s Humor Bot.

Give it a follow at @2020sHumorBot.

It takes some stock photos, uses big scary artificial intelligence (...from a library which does it all for me) to identify what's in the images, distorts them, labels them with a stupified version of their name in Impact font, and uses EasyTweeter to assault twitter with it.

Look at the gallery below for some of it's output, which was generated without human intervention (mostly, the bot allows you to override the name of the object in the image, which is used in 2 of them). They're about as stupid as the original inspiration.

If you're after more info than that, check out the project page or it's github page.